7 Clever Painting Tricks You Must Try

7 Clever Painting Tricks You Must Try | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: The Maker via YouTube


You’ll be surprised by how clever these painting tricks actually are! Change your routine and choose one or more hacks from this list. Renovating and redesigning your house and furniture is now more fun with this tutorial by The Maker on YouTube.


  • Paper tape
  • Plastic bag or Ziploc bag
  • Clear tape
  • Vaseline
  • Old plastic cup lid
  • Old paint roller handle


Hack #1


When you want to create a clear border or partition when painting, apply paper tape on the area first, then use your fingers to spread a layer of paint on the side of the tape before brushing and completely covering it with a thick layer of paint. This will give a much cleaner line than applying paint directly on the tape.


Hack #2

Instead of the usual way of mixing dry components with water wherein you create a hole in the middle then pour in the liquid, use a plastic bag and combine the ingredients there, cut the tip and use it as a piping bag to fill the area with plaster easier.

Hack #3

When painting using a new roller, sometimes excess lint remains and leaves an unwanted texture, you can get rid of excess lint by covering the roller with tape and stripping it off. The excess lint will be stuck to the tape.

Clever Painting Tricks
Image Credit: The Maker via YouTube

Hack #4

Apply vaseline to places you do not want to be painted and the paint will come off easily. Once done painting, simply wipe the area with a damp cloth or rag.

Hack #5

When painting the ceiling, insert the handle of the brush in the middle of a plastic cup lid to catch the paint drip and avoid it from flowing to your hands.

Hack #6

If you have an old paint roller, bending the metal piece in a circular manner enough to fit the roller itself can be used to squeeze out the remaining paint from your roller which makes it easier to clean.

Hack #7

When painting narrow areas, instead of changing the size of your brush, simply make your current brush smaller using tape.

How To Paint Easier For Beginners
Image Credit: The Maker via YouTube


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7 Clever Painting Tricks You Must Try

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