13 Painter's Tape Tips

13 Painter’s Tape Tips

13 Painter’s Tape Tips | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

mage By: Inspire Woodcraft Via Youtube


Blue painter’s tape can be one of the most useful things in our workshops. I am so excited that I found this amazing video by Inspire Woodcraft on Youtube, which describes 13 ingenious ways to use painter’s tape. This video explains fully, each of the 13 ways that the painter’s tape can be used for any woodworking project. Painter’s tape works great for your wood cutting, wood gluing, wood drilling, and even securing your wood to a surface to comfortably work on a project. One of my very favorite tips was the usage of a small square of painter’s tape to make a glue applicator with a handy spout, to really deliver your glue where you need it and to keep it away from spilling out onto other areas. All these tips can help make your woodworking go really smoothly and keep all your tools clean.



  • Blue painter’s tape (masking tape will work)
  • Wood
  • A saw
  • Glue


One of the most wonderful ideas in this video is the idea of surrounding your wood with painter’s tape before you saw it, to keep the wood from fraying and splintering. I have already tried this idea and it really works!

Make woodcrafting easy by using cheap blue painter's tape

One of the other wonderful ideas presented in this video is the usage of a circle of blue painter’s tape to secure your project to a work surface, that prevents any slipping while you drill.

Blue painter's masking tape to use for woodworking

These painter’s tape tips are wonderful, I am so glad I found this helpful video.

13 Blue Painter’s Tape Tips For Woodworking

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