How to Make a Quilt in an Hour with Fat Quarters

How to Make a Quilt in an Hour with Fat Quarters | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Tiny Orchard Quilts on Youtube


Assume you wake up today feeling creative and ready for a quick, fast, and easy gratification, or you simply want to kill some time while feeling productive.In that case, Tiny Orchard Quilts shares an easy one-hour quilt made with fat quarters. With a fat quarter, you may use it for everything from patchwork to appliqué. Fat quarters are a popular item in quilt stores, and as a result, they generally have a large selection on hand. For sampler quilts and scrap quilts, fat quarters are a great starting point for increasing your fabric stash.


This quilt you’ll make with the guidance of Tiny Orchard Quilts would also make an excellent gift for loved ones or for yourself; hang them on your wall as decorations or snuggle with them on your couch!


  • Twelve Fat Quarters 
  • Steam Iron 
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pins 
  • Sewing machine


All of your fun fat quarters can be beautifully pressed with your steam iron once you’ve taken them all out.

Press your 18×21-inch fat quarters to a good square shape. Make a few swatches of cloth by using a ruler and good-quality scissors. Make sure they are all uniform in size if you need them to be a different size.

easy quilt with fat quarters
Image credit: Tiny Orchard Quilts

Take all of the squares and slice them in half diagonally. Cutting from corner to corner can be done in one fell swoop if practicable.

Mix and combine different patterned quarter triangles to provide diversity to the finished product.

To make sewing them simpler, pin them together with your other pairs all the way around.

After you’ve finished stitching, give them a good ironing.

make a quilt in an hour tutorial
Image credit: Tiny Orchard Quilts on Youtube

Lay the blocks out and arrange the fabrics to make a quilt top.

Make your own pattern, or use the one supplied, if you like.

Make rows of all the blocks you’ve assembled so far. Mixing is an option if you’d want to be more imaginative.

As many times as you like, you can arrange the blocks in any way you choose. As long as you’re having fun!

How to Make a Quilt in an Hour with Fat Quarters

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