DIY Newspaper Doll Candle Holder

DIY Newspaper Doll Candle Holder | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: What Today's Craft via YouTube


If you’re looking for DIYs to use lots of old newspapers, try making this newspaper doll candle holder from What Today’s Craft on YouTube! Can you believe this gorgeous candle holder is made out of newspaper only? It’s quick and easy, and all you need are newspapers and some basic crafting materials.


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Make this a weekend project with your friends by learning the step by step instructions in the video tutorial below. Thanks to What Today’s Craft for this lovely DIY project.


  • newspapers
  • glue
  • thread
  • scissors
  • hard paper (or old notebook cover)
  • tape
  • paint


Step 1

To start, cut the newspaper into small squares, then crumple them together, wrapping them to one another, into a head shape. Put glue to secure it in place. Set aside. Next, take a newspaper and cut it into four vertical pieces. Once done, roll each piece into a thin stick, then secure the end with some glue. Now put some glue around the head, then wrap one newspaper stick around. Take a 7.5 cm circle template, fold it in half, then punch a hole in the center. Place the head’s stick into the hole, put glue underneath the circle’s fold, and then place another newspaper stick.

Making the head of the newspaper doll candle holder
Image credits: What Today’s Craft via YouTube

Step 2

Smear glue all over the head, then add small newspaper pieces (it’s better to glue some solid color ones). Crumple the remaining small newspaper, then glue it at the back of the head. Put some glue again around the head, and then place the third newspaper stick, cutting the excess. Wrap some thread around the back head portion including the small circle, then set aside. Now, take an old notebook cover, roll it into a cone, then cut the excess as well as the bottom to make it even. Put some tape to secure it in place.

Step 3

Close the bottom by gluing a circle shape cardboard, then poke two holes. Add glue to the holes, and then stick two small newspaper sticks. Lastly, attach to the bottom another 7.5cm circle wrapped in newspaper with glue. Now, insert the headpiece into the top of the cone. Bent the two arms and glue a small cone piece (using cardboard) on each, like it’s holding it. Once done, paint the newspaper doll with colors of your choice (be creative!) Place it in the living room and put a tealight on the cone in front.

Making the body of the newspaper doll candle holder
Image credits: What Today’s Craft via YouTube

DIY Newspaper Doll Candle Holder

DIY Newspaper Doll Candle Holder

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