He Cuts Two Pieces Of Wood And Makes An Awesome Home Decor Item You Need…

He Cuts Two Pieces Of Wood And Makes An Awesome Home Decor Item You Need… | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

The first time I saw this I was very impressed with how unique it was and simply had to have one! I have modern decor and this was so incredibly perfect for my home. I have it on my wall and it looks like it was made for the room it’s in!


Clocks are an essential part of all households. Every house has clocks in some shape, size and measure. Most of the clocks we chose display the personality (or decor) of the house. Large clocks can be used as a major focal point. The best part about clocks are that they are easy to make. A properly made DIY clock can be as good looking as a purchased clock.

If you’re wanting to make a clock you need to first choose the base. This can be literally anything. If a hole can be drilled through something without destroying it, it can be used as a base for DIY wall clock ideas.

For other shapes, it is better to search for appropriate methods to determine the center. This is a step that appears easy, but is immensely important. This serves as the shaft for the clock.

Clock kits are available separately. This is perhaps the only thing that has to be bought separately. Once you have purchased the clock kit there should be clear steps on how to assemble them. Once this has been done, the clock is ready to be used.

Watch how DIY Creators make this in his step by step tutorial. You won’t believe how easy it is!


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