How to Make Fairy Glow Jars

How to Make Fairy Glow Jars | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Looking for something creative to add a special touch to your bedroom? Ambient lighting is my favorite way to upgrade any bedroom and this easy DIY idea will give you that in minutes. This crafty idea is quick to make, inexpensive and simply gorgeous, so there is not much more I could ask for in a project. I now have three of these in my bedroom, if that tells you anything.


I love anything that creates a soft light in my home.  It has a way of reducing stress from my busy day.  I’ve even got a small Christmas, with tiny white lights on it, in my bedroom and I keep it up year around, but not with Christmas decorations on it!  I’ve put little framed quotes on it.  With this glittery mason jar light you’ll enjoy the same effect that I do with my little tree!  My kids love this! They were super excited to make one for their rooms.  This is a great craft project to put on your list of summer activities when they get bored!  You can also make these to give away for gifts or even sell them!  As easy as they are to make, some people just don’t want to fool with making these themselves.  That’s where YOU come in handy!  So, get busy with making these wonderful little Glitter Fairy jar night lights to have as a stash for a gift when you need one!

What You Will Need:

Mason Jar


Spray Adhesive

Battery Operated LED Lights

Spray the inside of the jar with adhesive making sure to get all the corners, pour glitter in the jar…about 1-2 oz depending on how big the jar is, put the lid on the jar and shake it up, then put your lights in the jar for a sparkly glow!

Watch the step by step tutorial on how to make your very own glitter fairy night light!

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