Easy Weekend Project: Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar Tutorial!

Easy Weekend Project: Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar Tutorial! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

It All Started With Paint


Looking for a unique idea for decorating a mason jar?  In this tutorial she gives the mason jar an ocean look with the paint and the macramed elaborately patterned lace like webbing, by hand knotting the string.  You get a real beachy look with this mason jar craft.  It looks difficult, but it’s amazingly easy to make!


I made one and sent it to my cousin who dreams of living on the beach, so she goes craze over stuff like this!  Every other post she puts on Facebook is of the beach and ocean.  She’ll probably end up retiring on a beach somewhere!  I may go with her!  Sooooo, if you have a beach house, you’ll have to make one of these to add to the decor!

This would be a great craft project for Boy Scouts to do because one of the things they need to learn how to do is tie knots and this would be a good knot tying project for them.  Then they can take it home and give it as a gift to someone special!



Paint Brush


Mason Jar


Glue Gun

She spray paints the jar white, mixes blue paint with a little bit of white to lighten it.  Then she dabs the light blue paint in different areas of the jar.  Next she dabs on some dark blue paint and lets the jar dry.  Attach the string to the neck of the mason jar, wrapping it around 2-1/2 times, tie a loose knot so you can untie it.  You can cut out any number of string that you want…she cuts 8, she folds the string in half and makes a loop.  She puts the loop up under the string around the neck of the jar and puts the string through the loop and pulls; she does this all the way around the jar.  Then grab two stings from two different groups and take another piece of string and tie a knot…Watch this tutorial to see how she finishes this up!


We love the look of fishnet wrapped mason jars, especially the one in the awesome photo used in this post, from one of our favorite DIY bloggers at It All Started With Paint. Check out their site for a tutorial and more awesome craft ideas.

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