Layer Chops Quilt Pattern

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Image by: Jordan Fabrics


Here’s an easy and beautiful block design for your next sewing project, a layer chops quilt pattern by Jordan Fabrics on Youtube. I love the variation of the fabrics and the contrast between each piece. When you try this, make sure to use different designs and colors for each square for a more interesting and eye-catching final look. This is super easy to make and perfect for beginners. Watch the video below for the full instructions.



  • 35 layer cake squares with different designs and colors
  • one yard of an accent fabric


Step 1:

Cut the accent fabric into 1″ wide strips parallel to the selvages as there’s much less stretch in the fabric that way.

Step 2:

Take 1 layer cake square and chop at an odd angle. Using a white marker, put a mark somewhere in the middle of both halves. Take a strip and align it with the cut with both ends coming off at each side. Fold it in half just where you marked the cake square. Then draw a line on the fold. Stitch the strip on the layer cake with a quarter-inch seam. Now, press the fabric away from the strip.

Layer Chops Quilt Pattern Tutorial
Image by: Jordan Fabrics


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Step 3:

Place the other half to make a square and align the chalk marks. Then stitch and press the seam allowance away from the accent fabric.

Step 4:

Do the same for the remaining layer of cake squares. Make sure to cut them in different angles and spots for variation.

Step 5:

Make another accent with half of the sewn squares by cutting them again in half, crossing the strip, then doing the same process. Once done with all the squares, press them using an iron.

Layer Chops Quilt Pattern Block
Image by: Jordan Fabrics


Step 6:

For the remaining half squares, make another accent but do not cross the strip. Do the same process, then press.

Step 7:

Trim the excess from the strips for all of the blocks.

Step 8:

Lay the blocks with 5 pieces on each row. Once you are satisfied with the layout, sew them into rows, then sew the rows together.



Layer Chops Quilt Pattern

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