Brilliant DIY Fabric Wall Art Pottery Barn Inspired!

Brilliant DIY Fabric Wall Art Pottery Barn Inspired! | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Do you have some bare walls you need to fill up?  This is an awesome idea and more than half the cost of what you’d pay if you purchased it at Pottery Barn!  You can choose any beautiful fabric you want.  Upholstery fabrics are especially opulent when doing this craft project, but you can use any kind of fabric you want!  They may cost a little more, but they are very rich looking.  This project only cost approximately $30 to make and looks a lot more expensive than that!  Of course, the smaller ones would be even cheaper.  I’m home stager and I made one of these for one of the home’s I was staging.  I needed some quick art pieces.  It was striking and perfect for the space that I needed something for!


I made a few of these in a smaller size, for a grouping in my home, using coordinating fabrics and they look dynamite!  These would make great gifts for family and friends.  I have a friend who’s moving into a new home and she needs to fill up her blank walls, so I’m making a big one for over her fireplace and a grouping of some small ones for her half bath.




Tacky Glue or

Staple Gun


Decorative Nail Head Trim

Peel and Sticky Fabric Tape

Fabric Scissors




She lays the fabric out on a flat surface and places the canvas in the center of it.  She cuts roughly 1-1/2″ around the canvas, after cutting the material, she irons it to get out all the wrinkles and folds out.  Next, she places the fabric face down on the table and the canvas, face down, on top of the fabric.  She starts by taking the material and folding it down on the corner of the canvas and staples it to the canvas, then she keeps folding and pulling tight to put staples in all the way around (every 4-5″), then she flips the canvas over, irons the ribbon and applies it to the edges and top of the canvas with sticky fabric tape.  She said it’s easier to apply it to the ribbon and then place it on the edge of the canvas.  Next she applies the upholstery head strips on top of the ribbon with nails and a hammer…every 5th nail head has a hole in it to place the nail in.

Watch this step by step tutorial to make this project yourself!

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