How To Remove Scuff Marks On The Car

How To Remove Scuff Marks On The Car | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by KLEANTRIX via YouTube


There might’ve been a time where you scuff your car from a door or something that causes a paint mark. KLEANTRIX on YouTube shows how to remove scuff marks on your car with no tools. Also, it’s effective if the mark did not go deeper than the clear coat, but this will remove the white mark. I’ve scuffed my car before on a garage wall, and I wish I’ve known this hack beforehand to make it easier. I didn’t want my parents to say anything, but I did try to scrub it out with just water and dish soap. It did work, but not seamlessly. The before and after picture is surprising and I love how I can easily remove those scuff marks now.



  • WD-40
  • sponge
  • car soap
  • water
  • microfiber towel
  • polish and compound, optional


First, apply the WD-40 onto the paint scuff mark. Then, go with the grain and scrub to take it off. WD-40 helps loosen the paint mark off and once it sinks into the mark, so use an abrasive sponge. So, saturate the paint mark with the WD-40. Repeat until the mark comes off.

How To Remove ANY Scuff Mark From Your Car (No Tools, Easy) - DIY Car Cleaning Hacks
Image by KLEANTRIX via YouTube


Next, remove the WD-40 residue from the car with car soap and water. Mix the 2 together, and dip the rag into the soap mixture to give it a slight wash in the target area. Continue to watch KLEANTRIX tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

Scuff Marks Hack - Ways To Remove Paint Marks Off Car
Image by KLEANTRIX via YouTube

Overall, there is an extra step in this car cleaning hack that you can skip out, but it makes a difference if you do skip out on it. My dad always has WD-40 around, so it’s good to know that WD-40 works on a lot of car cleaning or appliance hacks. This is a good tip to pass along to a family or friend who may have paint marks on their car.

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