How To Remove Rust In 2 Hours

How To Remove Rust In 2 Hours | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by ToolWorks via YouTube


Rust may seem impossible to remove or sometimes it’s hard to do it yourself at home. However, ToolWorks tutorial on YouTube shows how to quickly remove rust in 2 hours. My dad has a lot of tools at home that has rust on them, but we never think of cleaning them because it’s meant to get dirty anyway. I think it would be nice to revamp the tools that have rust on them for a cleaner look though. There’s no hard work to remove rust because a lot of it is letting it soak in water with other ingredients. I’ve noticed that rust can be removed from a lot of acidic ingredients such as apple cider vinegar too if you let it soak for a day. If you want faster results, the supplies below are a must.



  • citric acid
  • baking soda
  • gloves
  • scrubbing brush
  • hot water
  • bucket or big container


First, take your item that has rust on it and place it into a bucket or container. Then, pour citric acid and boiling hot water on top to let it soak and submerge for 2 hours.

Soak Rust Objects in Citric Acid - Rust Remover - At Home Rust Remover Hack - Cleaning Tips and Tricks
Image by ToolWorks via YouTube


Next, after 2 hours, use the scrubbing brush to brush the object to make sure the rust is off. Then, change the dirty water with water and baking soda. Continue to rinse and scrub. Watch ToolWorks tutorial on YouTube for further instructions and details.

Rust Remover Hack - DIY Rust Remover - How To Clean Rust Off Objects
Image by ToolWorks via YouTube

In conclusion, this cleaning tip and hack should let you remove the rust on your tools or objects. I never think about cleaning or removing rust off of things, but this is a great way to save those items. Also, you can buy a big pack of citric acid that can last a good while or let you clean a bunch of items.

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