How to Reduce Dust in Your Home

How to Reduce Dust in Your Home | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Dust can easily collect in your home coming from different sources from windows, curtains, or shoes. It’s important to always keep your home clean especially if someone in your house has a dust and pollen allergy. Learn how to reduce dust in your home through these tips and tricks by Expert Home Tips.



1. Change your bed sheets

Your bed sheets contain dead skin particles that dust mites love, so make sure to wash them weekly. Consider washing, dry cleaning, or replacing your bedding if you have it for a long time.

2. Get a dehumidifier

Reduce the level of humidity and dust mites in your home using a dehumidifier. The filter will collect loose dust particles in the air so make sure to clean it regularly.

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3. Opt for window blinds

Thick and long curtains can get really dusty. Using blinds in your home can be a great option to reduce dust in your home.

4. Use an air purifier

Like the dehumidifier, it filters the air to remove dust particles. If you suffer badly from allergies, try to purchase one for your space as it can remove pollen and airborne contaminants.

5. Keep on top of vacuuming

This is the best way to remove dust from high-traffic areas. Look for vacuum cleaners with high-efficiency air filters.


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6. Sweep the floors

Make sure you always clean your brushes every few months as they can also collect dust.

7. Mop the floors

Vacuuming and sweeping are not enough to remove all the dust. Damp a mop and use it to collect any dust that you’ve missed.

8. Declutter

Your knick-knacks can also gather dust so sort them out if you can. A minimalist home is easier to clean.

How to Reduce Dust in Your Home Tips
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9. Shut the windows

To prevent dust from floating in the air, keep your window shut during windy days. You can just open the upstairs window so that the low-flying dust won’t get inside your house.

10. Switch to wood floors

We all know that carpets collect a lot of dust. You can never get them completely dust-free even with the best vacuum cleaners.

11. Dust-free wardrobe

Store the seasonal or lesser-worn items in a cloth bag or plastic boxes. Make sure to always keep your wardrobe closed.

12. Use a door mat

Get one for the outdoors and another for indoors. Shake them off outside of your house to get rid of build-up dust.

13. Remove your shoes

Even if they look clean, they can still spread tiny dust particles all-around your home. Just keep them in shoe storage near your front door and just use house slippers.

14. Dusting from top

Start-up on high areas like the top of doors, bookshelves, and sides then to the floor.



How to Reduce Dust in Your Home

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