5 Best Ways to Hide Wires and Cords

5 Best Ways to Hide Wires and Cords | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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Do your cords, wires, and cables always get tangled and look like a mess sprawled on your floor? Then you need these cord management tips and hacks by But First, Coffee on YouTube. You can hide the excess wires neatly and nicely without using a lot of tools or spending money on expensive stuff. You just need the right materials to organize them and you can all learn them in the tutorial below.


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You no longer have to worry about untidy wires on your floor because you can organize and hide them in plain sight, beside your couch, at the bottom of your table, and even on your wall. Learn the tips and hacks here and see which one works best for you!

Ways to Organize Wires and Cords:

  • Cable cover
  • Cord management box
  • Decorate basket or tray
  • Cord clip
  • Cord anchor
  • Cord wrapper

How to Organize Wires and Cords:

Tip #1: Cable Cover

This is helpful, especially for stationary cords or cables that you can’t remove or transfer anywhere. Just install these cable covers on the wall or floor, then paint them to match the color where they’re installed, and insert the cables or cords to hide them.

Tip #2: Cord Management Box

You can purchase a cord management box or repurpose a decorative basket or tray that you have instead. Just put the plug and all excess wire inside to avoid a tangled mess on the floor. If you use a basket or tray, make sure to cut out a bit at the back so you can slide the cord out.

How to Hide Excess Wires and Cords
Image credit: But First, Coffee via YouTube


Tip #3: Cord Clip

If you have stationery cords that you want to redirect in a certain way, you can just use cord clips to hold the cable and stick those clips on the back of your furniture, bottom of your desk, or along the wall. This is also a great way to separate the cords and cables neatly.

Tip #4: Cord Anchor

Similar to cord clips, cord anchors are also easy to stick anywhere you want, and they are perfect for holding down cords or cables from sliding or falling. For example, you want to secure your chargers in your nightstand and always within arms reach.

Tip #5: Cord Wrapper

You can stick a cord wrapper on the side of the appliance itself and wrap the excess cord around it nicely and neatly. Just find the right side to match your appliance, and you can also use one for your computer chargers to bundle up the excess and keep it tidy.

How to Untangle Wires and Cords
Image credit: But First, Coffee via YouTube


*All these images are credited to But First, Coffee via YouTube. Give her channel a visit and subscribe for more!

5 Best Ways to Hide Wires and Cords

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