DIY Basket Using Old Plastic Canister

DIY Basket Using Old Plastic Canister | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: Супер Идейка via YouTube


Have you had old canisters that you can’t throw out but don’t know what to do with them? Then this must be the answer you’re looking for. Turn your old plastic canister into cute baskets that you can use as an organizer for any products you’d like. This adorable craft is made by a master crafter herself Супер Идейка via YouTube. Enjoy crafting!



  • Plastic canister
  • Yarn, gray and white (you can use any yarn)
  • Dense fabric
  • Cardboard
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Artificial flowers or other embellishments


Step 1

Loop the yarn 3 times at about an arm’s length, tape the end then cut the loops on the other end. Separate the strand into three parts which will end up in 2 strands per part, braid the strands together then secure the end with hot glue. Remove the tape on the other end, finish the braid then secure with hot glue as well. Do the same process with the white yarn and make about 3 pairs or more as needed.


Step 2

Get the plastic canister then find the middle horizontally, line it then cut. Take the bottom half of the canister, then attach the fabric with hot glue, the upper half should have about half an inch excess to cover the sharp edge. Any excess fabric on the inside at the bottom as well as the side should be folded nicely then secured with hot glue. Cut cardboard the same as the bottom of the canister, place and attach it onto the fabric, cut around the side with an inch allowance, make notches all around then fold each strip in and secure with hot glue. Make another one, place the first one inside the canister and attach it to the bottom with hot glue with the fabric-covered part up. Set the other one aside.

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Image Credit: Супер Идейка via YouTube

Step 3

Cut a thick strip of fabric about 3 inches wide, overlap the fabric a little bit under the canister. Attach the fabric with hot glue, fold the fabric under and secure with hot glue as well. Get the covered cardboard, then place it under the canister with its covered fabric out. Take one white braided yarn, measure the height of the handle to preference, cut out the excess, and repeat the process to the other yarn. Curve and attach each yarn to both upper sides of the canister. Wrap and attach a grey braided yarn around the upper part of the canister and above the part where the end of the handle is attached, cut the excess, and let both ends meet evenly. Repeat the process while alternating the colors of the braids, stop when you’ve reached them, and overlap the seams of the fabric strip at the bottom of the canister. Decorate it with artificial flowers, leaves, or other embellishments.

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Image Credit: Супер Идейка via YouTube


*All image credit belongs to Супер Идейка via YouTube. Follow and subscribe to her channel for more!

DIY Basket Using Old Plastic Canister

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