How To Open A Lock In 3 Easy Ways

How To Open A Lock In 3 Easy Ways | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: Mr Wow via YouTube


Have you ever lost your keys to your lock, broken them, or simply forgotten to bring them with you? You are either stuck outside of your locked house or you can’t use your bike or any of the things that you used a lock on. Even if you haven’t experienced any of it yet, you might as well try and see this tutorial because this might come in handy someday. Now, these clever tricks and hacks by Mr Wow on YouTube will let you know easy and clever methods to open any lock easily using random objects that you can find around your house or more specifically from your toolbox or garage.



  • Sandpaper
  • Craft cutter knife blade
  • Longnose pliers
  • Flat screw
  • Gillette blade
  • Wrench


Hack #1

Using sandpaper, rub the side of the padlock’s body to expose the locking mechanism. Then, grab a craft cutter knife blade or any similar sharp tool that can scrape through and scoop out the screws. This will loosen the lock and will release the shackle or shank easier, use a flat screw to twist the keyhole.


Hack #2

Grab a longnose plier, then place a blade in between, hold it tightly and start a back and forth sliding motion against the padlock’s shackle, do it as if you are holding a saw. Continue doing so until you’ve successfully cut through the shackle.

Easy Ways To Open A Lock
Image Credit: Mr Wow via YouTube

Hack #3

Grab 2 wrenches then insert them in the middle of the shackle’s arch, once each side of the shackle is inside each jaw of the 2 wrenches, start forcing it open by pulling the handle of the wrenches together towards the center. Once the handle meets in the middle, the padlock will break.

Open Any Lock Tutorial
Image Credit: Mr Wow via YouTube


*Thanks to Mr Wow via YouTube for all images used here. If you loved this tutorial, then you’ll surely love their other videos too, so give their channel a visit and subscribe!

How To Open A Lock In 3 Easy Ways

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