How To Make Crayon Heart Art

How To Make Crayon Heart Art | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image By: Renee GTV Via YouTube


I recently found this wonderful crayon heart art video tutorial by Renee GTV on YouTube and fell in love with this fantastic wall art idea. I had been looking for a cool wall art project that had lots of brilliant primary colors for my craft room and this project was just the ticket. I am an avid quilter, but not but very good at painting and drawing, so this crayon heart project idea was perfect for me. I had a blank canvas and a hairdryer, so all I needed was a pack of crayons. I found some crayons at Michael’s Craft Store, where I used a 60 percent off coupon that I found on Michael’s app. Michael’s makes it so easy to save, you just pull up the coupon and the cashier scans your phone and you receive instant savings.


Materials For The Crayon Heart Art Project:

  • A blank canvas (this can be as big as you want)
  • A pack of crayons (get a pack big enough for your canvas size)
  • Glue (you can use Elmer’s or a hot glue gun)
  • A hairdryer (I used a Conair hairdryer with the precision nozzle to direct the heat just where I needed it)


First, you will peel off the paper wrapping on your crayons, then glue them down to the blank canvas.

DIY Crayon Hear Art Project Idea - Glue crayons to a canvas to make heart art with a hairdryer

After the glue dries you will just heat all the crayons with your hairdryer. I used the precision nozzle on mine to really get the crayons fanned out in the right direction.

Use the heat from a hairdryer to make easy crayon heart art

This project was so fun and easy! When my friends came over they all insisted we make one together, so we are all headed back to Michael’s to get more supplies.

How To Make Crayon Heart Art

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