How to Make Bandana Pillows – Sewing Tutorial (With No-Sew Option)

How to Make Bandana Pillows – Sewing Tutorial (With No-Sew Option) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

DIY bandana pillows are one of my favorite craft projects ever, and if you saw how many I’ve made, you’d agree. Not sure I’ve ever seen a cuter country craft! They are super cute, not something you see in stores or other people’s homes, and they are really easy to make. There is a YouTube video at the bottom of this article that shows you everything you need to know to learn how to make a bandana pillow, plus how-to photos and a step-by-step walkthrough.


DIY Bandana Pillow Tutorial | How to Make Bandana Pillows

Easy-to-Make and Inexpensive

These pillows are also super affordable. I most often get my bandanas at the dollar store, which means you can make a pillow for just a few dollars. Amazon also has a great selection of different bandana colors and patterns, and although they can cost a little more than a dollar. However, if you buy them in bulk, you get them for less. I love to make these for Christmas gifts or housewarming gifts just to have on hand, so buying in bulk is a super option when you want to whip up quite a few at once.

DIY Bandana Pillows Sewing Tutorial - How to Make a Bandana Pilllow

Decorating with Bandana Pillows

Bandanas are not just for cowboys or rock stars – they make awesome pillows that can add a pop of color and pattern to any room. They make the perfect accent to farmhouse decor, boho chic style, the ranch house, the beach house or pretty much any space that is a little boring and needs a colorful touch of charm. The beauty of these DIY accent pillows is their versatility. Toss a few on a couch or chair for an instant splash of color. Use them to jazz up a reading nook or create a cozy camp vibe in a play tent. You can even take them outdoors to liven up your patio set. Get creative and have fun mixing and matching different bandana prints and textures.

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Why You Need to Make Some Bandana Pillows

Bandana pillows are an easy and inexpensive project that lets you get creative with fabrics and hues. There are so many bandana colors and patterns out there to choose from, you will find mixing and matching your own to be part of the fun here.  With their nostalgic vibe and a wide array of colors and patterns available, bandana pillows instantly elevate a space with fun and visual interest. From classic red paisley to bright solids, you can always find bandana prints to complement your existing decor. They give off a casual, Americana flair perfect for kids’ rooms, dens, patios and more. They work well with leather, denim or slipcovered furniture.

Beyond just looking cool, bandana pillows are also extremely versatile and durable. The cotton material can stand up to plenty of wear and tear, whether getting tossed around during pillow fights or used outdoors. You can easily toss them in the wash as needed to keep them looking fresh. And their casual vibe means they’ll never go out of style.

Making bandana pillows is a simple, budget-friendly sewing project, perfect for beginners. Plus, you’ll get that satisfying sense of accomplishment from a making such a crafty DIY. My friends had never seen these until they showed up in my living room. Now, they all want some. I can already bet you won’t make just one!

DIY Bandana Pillow Tutorial

Here’s what you’ll need:

DIY Bandana Pillow Supplies:

  • 2 bandanas in desired prints/colors (20×20 inches works well)
  • 18-inch pillow insert or Polyfil stuffing
  • Chalk or sewing marker
  • Thread color that matches your bandanas (not needed for no sew version)
  • Sewing machine (not needed for no sew version)
  • fabric glue (for no-sew option or if you sew and want to close the final seam with glue)
  • Sewing clips or clothespins

Instructions for Making A Bandana Pillow:

Step 1

Lay the two bandanas right-sides together. This means the colorful sides face one another.

Instructions for Making a Bandana Pillow - Step by Step Guide

Step 2

Mark a 1/4 inch seam line with chalk or a disappearing ink sewing marker. Mark all sides, then fold and iron along the seam lines.

Step 3

Sewing option: Using the seam allowance, sew along three of the four sides, leaving one side open. I recommend leaving only 8 inches open on the side left unsewn so that the part you have to close later is as small as possible.

Use your sewing machine to backstitch at the start and end for reinforcement.

No-sew option:Just glue along these seam allowance lines you marked and secure with clothespins or sewing clips until the glue is dry. If you see how it is done in the sewing tutorial, you should just glue and clip following the same process. Close three sides and leave the other side open for now.


How to Sew A Bandana Pillow on a Sewing Machine

Step 4

Turn the sewn bandana pouch you’ve made right-side out and stuff with poly-fil or an 18-inch pillow insert. Use a chopstick or dull pencil to poke out any corners.

I must apologize for switching bandana colors here. As I said, I make lots of pillows. The next steps show me finishing a green one instead of the red one. I hope you can still easily follow along 😉

Step 5

For sewing option: Hand-stitch or machine sew the open side closed using an in-and-out blind stitch. You want to keep the folded seams in and try not to allow the stitching to show.
For no-sew option: Use fabric glue or stitch adhesive to seal the open side, folding under the raw edges neatly. You want to clip the seam and allow to dry, then glue the two open sides together and clip again.


Step 6

Once stuffed and sealed, give your new bandana pillow a good fluffing and shaping.

That’s it! Your vibrant, customizable bandana pillow is ready to enliven any space. Let your creativity shine by mixing different colors, patterns, shapes and decorating styles. Bandana pillows prove that a little DIY creativity can go a long way in adding fun, vsual interest and your own personal touch to any room. When you make yours, please share photos in the comments to my Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest accounts. I love seeing what you creative people come up with and would also love to feature some of the ways you style them.

It’s a lot of fun to go bandana shopping once you realize how easy these are to make! I’ve made so many colors now and still can’t decide which variation is my favorite. I love the light ones and the dark ones, the reds, the blues, the greens.

Bandanas for Pillows - Color Varieties and Where to Buy

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