How To Make A Yarn Dog

How To Make A Yarn Dog | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I have always wanted a ShiTzu Dog, but I never got one but I did see this gorgeous, very playful looking Shih Tzu doggie made of yarn on Youtube by this very creative Youtuber named Gladys Cruze and I knew immediately I had to make one. The directions in the yarn dog tutorial were very straight forward and easy to follow. I already had most of the materials in my craft room except for the yarn and I found that at Michael’s Craft Store and used my 60% off coupon that I found by doing a simple google search on my phone. Michael’s makes it so easy for customers to just pull the coupon up on your phone and then they just scan the bar code, and you can save so much money on your crafting supplies.



  • A glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • An old plastic jar (to be the central frame for the doggie’s body)
  • 2 sheets of white felt
  • 1 skein of white yarn
  • Scissors
  • A red bow
  • A piece of pink felt (for the dog’s tongue)
  • 2 black buttons (for the dog’s eyes)
  • A small piece of felt for the dog’s nose)


First, glue your white felt onto the recycled plastic jar using your trusty glue gun.

Make a yarn dog with yarn from Michael's Craft Store

Then you simply follow the instructions in the Youtube tutorial explaining how to cover your puppy in hand made pom poms out of the white yarn. Then add the cute Shih Tzu features.

Make a darling cheap Shih Tzu yarn dog

This little Shih Tzu I made is so adorable and cuddly, it’s almost like having the real thing.

How To Make A Yarn Shih Tzu Dog

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