How To Make A Witch Broom

How To Make A Witch Broom | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Christopher Hiedeman via YouTube


Christopher Hiedeman on YouTube has some of the best festive and seasonal DIY tutorials. He creates some of the most creative DIYs that you would normally find in stores that can be done at a cheaper cost. I love all of his current Halloween and Fall decor ideas, and it makes me want to try all of them. This DIY witch broom is cool because I love how Chris uses a combination of natural materials and bought items. It’s an easier process than I thought to make my own witch broom. Also, this tutorial can be a simple base to follow along with, and you can customize the broom however you prefer. It’s a great addition to add to entryways, hallways, or any small nooks.



  • Branch (from Outdoors)
  • Grass/Floral, Ribbon 
  • Twine 
  • Orange Wire String Lights 
  • Black Cat Door Decor
  • Witch Cloak (With Brooch Clasp) 
  • Victorian Vintage (Witch) Boots 


First, depending on how you would like the length and size of your broom, trim off some of the grass to your preferred size. Then, take a piece of twine and tie it together with the grass. This will keep the grass collected while you are cutting. After, add the branch in the center of the grass. Continue to watch Christopher Hiedeman tutorial on YouTube for full directions and details.

Use Craft Grass To Make Witch Broom - DIY Witch Broom
Image by Christopher Hiedeman via YouTube

Next, add the ribbons, floral, and any decorations to the broom. Use the twine to hold everything tightly and together.

DIY Halloween Witch Broom - Halloween Decorating Ideas
Image by Christopher Hiedeman via YouTube

Overall, this witch broom is adorable and I love how you can add strings lights to it. I love the orange string lights added to this witch broom because it makes it more Halloween-ish. Plus, this can be an indoor or outdoor decoration. I think it would look amazing outside in the front patio or doorstep.

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