How To Make A Solar Clay Pot Lighthouse

How To Make A Solar Clay Pot Lighthouse | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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This lighthouse project is absolutely adorable, I had been seeing these clay pot solar lighthouses on Pinterest and I really have wanted to make one for a while and had been on the lookout for the right project. I found this solar lighthouse project on Youtube by Helen Klassen and I knew this was the one for me. Helen got all her materials from Dollar Tree which was just awesome in my books because I have a Dollar Tree very close to my house and it is one of my very favorite stores. Also, this craft idea had three of the most important factors, the instructions were very clear and easy to understand, the way it was made looked really easy, and the outcome was stunningly beautiful. I wanted to make this lighthouse so much and if it goes as well as I think it will I will make a few more to give away as Christmas presents, why not plan ahead, right?



  • 3 Terracotta small clay pots
  • A solar garden light (the kind that you stick in the ground, you will remove the bottom section)
  • Exacto knife (or box cutter)
  • Pie plate
  • 3 Bags of small rocks
  • Craft paint (black, red, and white)
  • Ocean themed decorations (to place around your lighthouse)


In this wonderful video, you will learn how to glue your pots together and paint the outsides make this lighthouse look really authentic.

Make a lighthouse with small clay pots

Then you will decorate the lighthouse in a gorgeous nautical theme with aquarium decor.

Decorate clay pots to make a solar lighthouse

This project is a gem, I just love every bit of it.

How To Make A Solar Clay Pot Lighthouse

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