How To Make A Pond In A Pot

How To Make A Pond In A Pot | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Water can make such a lovely feature in the garden and it also attracts wildlife. Many of us may have smaller yards or even only a little porch, so we have never even thought of the possibility of having an outdoor water feature. Well, recently I found out that is not the case because I saw this awesome video tutorial on Youtube that explained step by step how to build a pond in a pot. The pond in a pot is so adorable and the best part is that the plants you add will be self-watering contained in their own little private ecosystem that is filled and replenished with rainwater.



  • A ceramic pot
  • A small variety of aquatic plants
  • A stone (to plug the bottom)
  • A couple of bricks (for elevation)
  • Caulk Adhesive (to attach the stone to the bottom)
  • Rainwater (you need natural water without chlorine or additives)


First, you will use your construction-grade caulk adhesive to cover the bottom side of your stone that will plug the hole at the bottom of the pot that will become your miniature pond.

Make a pond in a pot

Then you will add the aquatic thriving plants (left in the little plastic pots), to the different tiers that you have built and fill the pot carefully with rainwater.

mini outdoor water feature

This is going to look so cute in my garden, I have the perfect space picked out for it and I hope it attracts many of my favorite birds.

How To Make A Pond In A Pot

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