How To Make A Pocket Prayer Quilt

How To Make A Pocket Prayer Quilt | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: Jen from Shabby Fabrics via Youtube


This little pocket prayer quilt is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Jen at Shabby Fabrics has created a wonderful Youtube video that was inspired by a gift one of her customers sent to her to show appreciation for all they do at Shabby Fabrics. The gift was a pocket prayer idea that was a mini 2″x2″ quilt that contained a cross and has a small prayer attached.  You get to choose the prayer to include, simply print the one you like and attach it to the prayer quilt with a safety pin. The pocket prayer quilt is small enough to keep in a purse, bag or pocket, allowing God’s comforting words to always be nearby. These pocket prayers make the perfect gift that you can make and give to loved ones or give to anyone you know who may be going through a tough time and may need an inspirational reminder to keep the faith. These pocket prayer quilts come together quickly and easily and can even be made from fabric scraps.  I am fairly certain everyone who receives one of these prayer quilts will be very touched and feel the love that was put into making it.

  • Materials:
  • Free Pattern Download
  • Fabric (any fabrics will work, they are very small, so you don’t need a lot)
  • A small 2×2 prayer
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • A sewing machine
  • A small cross
  • A safety pin


Jen will instruct you step by step on how to make this lovely pocket prayer quilt. The pattern is a free download, but this project is very easy to follow if you watch the tutorial.

How to Make a Pocket Prayer Quilt - Sewing Ideas for Gifts - Prayer Quilt Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Then, in the end, you attach your prayer message to the wonderful mini quilt.

Pocket prayer mini quilt gift Tutorial - Quick Sewing Projects for DIY Gift Ideas

Words cannot even describe how much I love this quick sewing project.

How To Make A Pocket Prayer Quilt

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