How To Make A Mouse Trap Using A Liter Bottle

How To Make A Mouse Trap Using A Liter Bottle | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Chris Notap via YouTube


This DIY moustrap tutorial by Chris Notap on YouTube was impressive to watch because it’s made with recylable items around the house. Mousetraps and baits can get pricey overtime. I love how there are no hard materials or instructions to make this, which makes it easy to follow along. The mice are not harmed in any way that they are captured with this mousetrap, and you can release them too. This moustrap is a lifehack that will be worth making because you can reuse this many times. It’s a creative way to take simple items into something useful.



  • 2-liter bottle
  • 2 soup can lids
  • 4 soda bottle lids
  • pen
  • a piece or plank of wood
  • utility cutter
  • hot glue gun
  • masking tape
  • toilet paper
  • peanut butter, optional


First, take the plastic label off of the liter bottle, and you’ll see 3 distinct lines on the bottle. Fill up the bottle with warm water to prevent the glue melting through. Take the ink out of the pen, and use the pen tube to hot glue it on the third line of the bottle. Continue to watch Chris Notap tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

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Image by Chris Notap via YouTube


Then, take the soup can lid, and place it against the end of the bottle. Use tape to tape the soup can lid to the bottle in the same position. Hot glue the lid onto the base, and remove the tape. Take the other soup can lid, and hot glue it on at an angle.

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Image by Chris Notap via YouTube

Note: to bait it, use toliet paper and cut it into four pieces. Put a blob of peanut butter or cheese in the center, and fold up the edges. Add the bait to the bottle, and place it in the area you might have a mouse.

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