How To Make A Fitted Sheet From A Flat Sheet

How To Make A Fitted Sheet From A Flat Sheet | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by mimzy & company via YouTube


This DIY fitted sheet is made from an unused flat sheet. Mimzy & company on YouTube gives step by step instructions that are very clear to follow. If you have a twin size bed, use a queen size flat sheet and if you have a queen-size bed, use a king-size flat sheet. This is an easy way to save money if you need more fitted sheets for the bed because they can get pricey especially if you stain them. I love white sheets, but they are hard to maintain it’s the white color after so many usuages.



  • King or Queen size flat sheet (depends on the size of bed)
  • fabric pins
  • scissors
  • 3/4″ elastic (at 12 inches)


First, lay the flat sheet on your mattress and make sure it is nicely square. Make one side of the flat sheet perfectly lined with the bottom of the mattress so you can cut one side. This will be easier so you don’t have to cut all 4 sides, and instead just cutting 2 sides.

Unsused Flat Sheet to Fitted Sheet - Mattress Sheet - DIY Home Sheets
Image by mimzy & company via YouTube

Next, grab your pins and pin the fabric that is at the corner to make a triangle shape as if you are wrapping a present. Pin a straight line from top to bottom, right down the corner while keeping it a little loose. Make sure the wrong side is out so you’re able to sew the right side to the right side. Repeat on all 4 corners. Continue to watch mimzy & company on YouTube for full instructions and details.

DIY Top Sheet for Bed - Easy Sewing for Bed Sheets - DIY Bed Sheets
Image by mimzy & company via YouTube

Overall, this is a handy DIY sewing hack if you need more fitted sheets, and do not use your flat sheet. I love using my flat sheet because during the summer days, I will sleep with the flat sheet only because it’s thin and breezy.

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