How To Make A Cardboard Sled

How To Make A Cardboard Sled | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by GK Industries via YouTube


There might be a time when it’s snowing outside, but you don’t have a sled. GK Industries on YouTube shows how to make a simple and useful sled out of cardboard. Sometimes it’s unexpected to get snow if you live in a city that rarely steeps low temperature, so I would have no reason to buy a sled. However, there are moments when it snows and I want to go sledding. It’s important to improvise on materials that you might have at home to work it out. This tutorial does a great job giving step-by-step instructions on how to make a cardboard sled with just a few materials.



  • wood glue
  • cardboard
  • utility knife or anything to cut cardboard
  • duct tape


First, make sure to only cut through one ply of the cardboard so when you fold the cardboard it won’t fall apart. Next, mock it up and make sure everything fits. The top grain should run along the length of the board. Have all the pieces cut up and ready to go before gluing. Continue to watch GK Industries tutorial on YouTube for full instructions on the outline and details.

Cardboard Sled Ideas - How To Make A Sled With Cardboard - Easy Ways To Make Homemade Sled
Image by GK Industries via YouTube

Then, once the glue is dried and the shape is formed, cover the whole cardboard surface with duct tape.

DIY Sled with cardboard box - Cardboard Box Sled - DIY Sled Ideas
Image by GK Industries via YouTube

Although this may seem a process to make, it’s better than having nothing to use for a sled. Plus, this homemade sled looks sturdy. This is a nice way to make a sled and repurpose those cardboard boxes that you may have in your house. I know there are other things to use such as a regular cardboard box or a laundry basket, but I think this sled would pick up the speed with the slickness from the duct tape.

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