How To Make A Bladeless Wooden Fan From Scrap Wood

How To Make A Bladeless Wooden Fan From Scrap Wood | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image By: Pask Makes Via Youtube


I recently found an ultra-modern bladeless fan project by Pask Makes on Youtube, that is made entirely from scrap wood and a small fan. The Youtuber carefully gathers all the wood scraps, cuts, then fits them together like an interesting jigsaw puzzle. His basic idea is to make two wooden rings, one smaller than the other, so there is a void air chamber between the two. Then Pask Makes houses a small motorized fan at the base of the two rings that propels the air into the void chamber. The air then flows out in a perfect circular formation.



  • Scrap wood
  • A table saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Varnish
  • A small fan with a motor
  • A drill


This project starts out as a pile of rough scrap wood then transforms into a phenomenally high tech fan right before your very eyes.

Make a motor for a bladeless wooden fan

The way Pask Makes sands and fished the wood is something that all people who are interested in DIY woodcraft will get a big kick out of. 

Aero dynamic wooden fan without blades

I loved watching this video because t reminded me of my dad, who was a custom home builder and always made things from scraps of wood in his spare time. Dad would help me make any projects I needed to make for school. One time we made a water purification plant out of plywood and the purifying chambers were a series of different pedestals affixed to the backboard that sat upon beautifully finished legs. I won second place in the 7th-grade science fair, with our creation and I think dad was more excited than I was, lol.

How To Make A Bladeless Wooden Fan From Scrap Wood

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