How to Invisibly Fix a Hole in Your Jacket

How to Invisibly Fix a Hole in Your Jacket | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image Credit: Learning a craft via YouTube


Having holes in your jacket could be a real hassle, it is very unpleasant to look at and it could also lead to a bigger hole and ruin the jacket completely. There are a few methods around that could patch up the tarnished area but I’ve never seen anything like this one by Learning a craft on YouTube. It did a pretty good job in hiding the hole of the jacket invisibly, you can’t even tell that there was once a hole in there, and you can’t even see the trace of stitches as well.



  • Thin woven fabric
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Iron


Step 1

Remove the tarnished part and crop it into a small square, be careful when cutting and only cut the top fabric. Find a similar cloth and cut the same size as the cropped area, you can cut a piece of cloth from the jacket’s tag or anywhere that’s hidden, if you’re using the area where the tag is, first you have to carefully remove the tag and take the pieced cloth in the back, then sew it back in to hide the space.

Easy Jacket Holes Sewing Tutorial
Image Credit: Learning a craft via YouTube

Step 2

Get a thread of the same color then insert the needle on each end of the cloth piece and the cropped part, make little stitches, and keep it close to each other until you’ve reached the end. Stop once you’re at the end, then open the flap up and reach on the opposite corner diagonally, then put it down and continue stitching the same method that you did. Once you’ve reached the end, make sure that the last stitch is under the cloth, cut the excess fabric if needed, then reach the other end of the corner diagonally again and start stitching the same way you did like the previous. Make sure the last stitch is under the cloth, and reach for the final corner diagonally and continue stitching, then lock the stitch. This method hides all the stitches at the back. Look at the back of the part with the hole, then cut the fabric enough to flip it inside out, iron the place where you’ve stitched, then place a piece of thin woven fabric at the top. Iron it as well until it sticks onto the cloth. Flip it back on the right side, then sew the opening back.

Invisible Stitch Sewing Tutorial for Beginners
Image Credit: Learning a craft via YouTube


*All image credit belongs to Learning a craft via YouTube. Follow and subscribe to her channel for more!

How to Invisibly Fix a Hole in Your Jacket

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