How To Fix Cracks Around Window Sills

How To Fix Cracks Around Window Sills | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by GGosforth Handyman via YouTube


It’s common to have cracks around your window sills, so, Gosforth Handyman on YouTube has tips on how to fix those cracks and gaps. It’s normal because the materials dry out in dry heated houses. Also, there are some cracks where you can coat over with caulk, and some that you may have to repaint and fill. This tutorial was extensive and detailed with the step by step instructions. I love how helpful this tutorial was because I’ve come across this problem in my house and we have not yet fixed the problem. It would be nice to renew and repair the window sills so it looks brand new again.



  • paint scraper
  • vacuum
  • sanding material sheet
  • rag
  • caulk
  • masking tape
  • water-based acrylic primer
  • water-based gloss


First, start off by sanding off the paint where the cracks are located. Sand down the surface and use a vacuum to remove any of the excess dry paint that you scraped off. After, wipe down the surface with a rag. Make sure there are no big ridges of paint along with the window sill because you want it to be as smooth as possible. Continue to watch Gosforth Handyman on YouTube for full instructions and details.

Easy DIY Window Sill Cracks - How To Repair Cracks Around Windows
Image by GGosforth Handyman via YouTube


Next, once the cracks and gaps are filled and dried with the caulk, mask off any surface around the window sill to prepare for the priming. Prime the area you caulk, then use a gloss for the topcoat.

How To Caulk Window Sill Cracks - Tips and Tricks on Window Sill Cracks
Image by GGosforth Handyman via YouTube

Overall, this is an easy fix to do at home if you have cracks and gaps around your window sills. It’s a common problem in new build homes, and it’s a maintenance job that is relevant to get done. Although it might be tedious, it is simple.

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