How To Clean Inside Fridge Using Baking Soda

How To Clean Inside Fridge Using Baking Soda | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Ettore via YouTube


The inside of a fridge can get really dirty over time and build up bacteria from food drippings. Ettore on YouTube shows how to clean the inside of a refrigerator using baking soda. It’s important to avoid any harsh chemicals and products such as bleach inside your fridge. I usually take the shelves out of the fridge and rinse them off and scrub them in the sink, but I need to try this cleaning hack because it seems less work to do. Sometimes I dredge cleaning the inside of my fridge because there may be big spills that others do not clean, and it dries up. The baking soda and water will sit and fizz away the bacteria and dirt while it soaks for a few minutes before scrubbing.



  • baking soda
  • sponge
  • paper towels
  • spray bottle or a cup
  • gloves, optional


First, of course, clear out everything in your fridge. Start to disperse the baking soda onto the shelves of the fridge. You can pour the baking soda into a plastic bowl and use a spoon to spread the baking soda evenly. You can also use your hands to spread it around more but make sure to wear gloves if so.

Use Baking Soda To clean Inside Fridge - Natural Products Cleaning - Kitchen Cleaning Tips
Image by Ettore via YouTube


Next, spray the bottle of water onto the baking soda surface and it should start to fizz a bit. After you let it sit for a little bit, take the sponge and start scrubbing. Continue to watch Ettore tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

DIY Clean inside Fridge - DIY Fridge Cleaning - Deep Clean Inside A Fridge
Image by Ettore via YouTube

Overall, this is an easy and quick way to deep clean inside your fridge without any harsh chemicals. Plus, most likely you’d have baking soda inside your fridge anyways. I can’t wait to try this out because it may be less dreadful.

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