How To Build A Mason Jar Garden

How To Build A Mason Jar Garden

How To Build A Mason Jar Garden | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Summer Rayne Oakes via YouTube


Two of my favorite things in one: mason jars and plants. This is an aesthetically pleasing project to work on, and it inspires me to be a plant mom! I love plants, but my apartment doesn’t have the best natural lighting so it’s hard to maintain them. Once I get my own house, I will definitely build this in my kitchen with herbs. This style of plants is a mix between bohemian meets earthy. Summer Rayne Oakes does a great job explaining in this video and gives the perfect insight into what plants she grows in her mason jars. The video starts off with a bit of chatter, so skip to 5:25 if you want to get into the tutorial.



  • wooden boards
  • wall adhesive
  • Tapcon®  screws
  • hose clamps
  • cable staples
  • wide-mouth mason jars
  • potting soil
  • activated horticultural charcoal
  • stones
  • plants


First, you can watch Summer Raynes Oakes video via YouTube, but for a full how-to, read her blog. It’s best to find a piece of reclaimed wood to serve as the base or plaque for the wall.

How Build A Mason Jar Garden | Mason Jar Crafts

Then, after following Summer’s full process, add soil and plants to each mason jar.

How Build A Mason Jar Garden | Mason Jar Crafts

It’s exciting to see how plants can add a vibrant finish to the room, and I can’t wait to build a mason jar garden.

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