Sewing Tutorial: Simple Color Block Hot Pads

Sewing Tutorial: Simple Color Block Hot Pads | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Sewing Tutorial for Hot Pads


This is a superb way to use up some of your leftover fabric from previous projects. It’s a quick and easy DIY project and this is an item that we can all use, especially when the others are in the wash. And, don’t forget… they make great gifts for friends and family too!


When you make these you must consider the fabrics you’re going to use because it needs to withstand heat, since they are hot pads. 100% cotton is a really good choice. The type of thread you use is important too. Laura recommends Superior Thread called Masterpiece. It’s very thin, but it’s 100% cotton. You also need to use a special batting with aluminum in it.

She cuts 6- 8″ squares of fabric and 1- 8″ square of batting. You can use two different contrasting fabric designs of your choice. She takes 4 of the 8″ squares and presses them at an angle.

For the main body of the hot pad, she puts a special batting in between two of the squares and stitches right down the middle, from diagonal to diagonal, forming an X to hold the quilt batting together. Then she sews around the edges, just a  1/8″ just to hold the layers together.

I’ll just let you watch the tutorial that is attached below, so you can see for yourself how Laura, with Sew Very Easy, finishes these easy and quick hot pads.

Laura Coia shows us in her step by step tutorial how to make a really nice hot pad the correct way, so you can get busy using up some of those leftover fabric scraps!


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