Hand Holding The Moon Lampshade DIY

Hand Holding The Moon Lampshade DIY | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Hüseyin Güler via Youtube


I have been obsessed with cement projects lately, and this hand holding the moon lampshade is the latest one that I made. Isn’t this beautiful? I saw this amazing DIY tutorial on Hüseyin Güler‘s Youtube channel and fell in love with it right away.


For the hand:

  • wool gloves
  • metal wire
  • aluminum foil
  • cement
  • water
  • brush
  • container
  • sand
  • wood border
  • sandpaper
  • paint

For the moon:

  • tissue
  • wood glue
  • balloon

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Step 1:

First, form the wire into a hand. Once done, cover it with aluminum foil all the way around.

Step 2:

Insert the wool glove into the hand. Form the fingers just like when you are holding a ball.

Step 3:

Add cement and water to a container and mix well. Brush the mixture on the hand on all sides and let it dry completely.

Hand Holding The Moon Lampshade DIY Tutorial
Image by Hüseyin Güler via Youtube

Step 4:

Add air to the balloon. Before you tie it, place it on the hand and see if it’s the right size. Add more air if needed, then tie it.

Step 5:

Tie a flat object onto the bottom of the balloon to elevate it. Start to cover the balloon with tissue and brush it with wood glue. Once everything is covered, let it dry completely.

Step 6:

In a container, combine 2/3 sand and 1/3 cement. Add a bit of water and mix until it becomes like a paste. Brush it onto the dorsal side or the back of the hand to make it flat. Remove excess foil.

Step 7:

Fill the wood border with the cement-sand-water mixture, then place the hand palm side up. Add a wood scrap on the bottom of the fingers to elevate it. Cover the aluminum part with the mixture.

Step 8:

Make a cement and water mixture again and brush the hand. Let it dry completely.

Hand Holding The Moon Lampshade DIY Project
Image by Hüseyin Güler via Youtube

Step 9:

Once dry, remove the wood scrap and border. Wear masks and sand the hand until smooth.

Step 10:

Pain the hand white and the rectangular bottom black.

Step 11:

Remove the paper mache from the balloon, then cover the bottom with a round thick paper that has a hole in the middle. Insert the fairy lights inside and place the circle on top of the hand.


Hand Holding The Moon Lampshade DIY

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