Flower Vase From Seashells and Sand

Flower Vase From Seashells and Sand | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas



Some people love doing anything DIY for their home, and if you are one of them, this art project is for you! Start a new craft this summer with this flower vase from seashells and sand by AIRINS CRAFT on Youtube! If you are opting for a beach or coastal look, leave it as it is. But if you want a modern-looking vase, then definitely go with the spray paint. Either way, they make great decorations and designs at home, spicing up the space! As for me, I love the beach, so I’ll create my vase without the paint. Watch the video below and start your art project!



  • Balloon
  • white glue
  • small paint brush
  • sand
  • seashells
  • spray paint
  • glue gun
  • round cover for any container


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Step 1:

Blow up a balloon and tie it. Then get the round cover and place it on top of the bottom of the balloon. Trace a circle.

Step 2:

Cover the upper part of the balloon with white glue. Spread the glue using a small paintbrush. Then get your sand and pour it on the balloon. Make sure to cover every part. Let it dry. Once dry, create the second layer. Spread some white glue, especially on the part with thin layers of sand. Then set it aside to fully dry.

Flower Vase From Seashells and Sand Materials


Step 3:

Once dried, remove the ballon by poking it with a pair of scissors. Now it’s time to decorate them with shells. Fill the top part around with shells and stick them using a glue gun. Then get 3 pieces of shells and start covering the bottom. Stick them using a glue gun. Create 4 layers of seashells for the bottom.

You can leave it as-is for a coastal and beach look, but if you want it to look metallic, cover it with spray paint. Let it dry and you now have a vase!

Flower Vase From Seashells and Sand Instructions



Flower Vase From Seashells and Sand

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