Flower Fabric Coaster From Fabric Scraps

Flower Fabric Coaster From Fabric Scraps | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Thuy craft


After sewing many pieces, from clothing to accessories, you might have already collected a ton of excess fabric. Do not throw them yet, as you can still explore ways to repurpose them, just like this new and cute idea by Thuy craft. Make a flower fabric coaster from fabric scraps with this easy and fun tutorial. Watch the video below for the full instructions.



  • paper
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • fabric scraps
  • compass or string
  • pair of scissors
  • cloth and artificial cotton for inner and bottom


Step 1:

Using the paper, ruler, and pencil, make a line measuring 2.4″. From the end of the line measure 0.8″ back, then mark. With the end of the line being the center and the first point as the radius, create a circle using the compass. Then make another circle (inner), from the middle to the 0.8″ mark. Cut the circle using a pair of scissors in quarters.

Step 2:

Get one-quarter circle and fold it in half. Cut into two and then fold it again. Cut the line from the inner circle and make a curve on the upper part to make a petal.

Step 3:

Draw a circle with a 0.8″ radius on the paper and make another circle 0.4″ bigger in radius. Cut the outer circle but do not cut the inner circle.

Step 4:

Place 2 pieces of fabric scraps right sides together and place the petal on top. Outline the petal and secure it with a pin. Cut it with a 0.2″ seam allowance on the sides and none on the bottom part of the petal. Do the same for the rest of the fabrics. There will be 4 pairs which will be 8 pieces of petals in total. Do not remove the pins.



Step 5:

Get a fabric and fold it in half. Cut a circle using the cutout round shape with a 0.2″ seam allowance. Once done, sew the circle and trim the excess fabric. Cut a tiny part in the middle and pull the inside out.

Flower Fabric Coaster From Fabric Scraps Tutorial
Image by: Thuy craft


Step 6:

Sew the right sides of the petal together. Open the petals, and sew the sides to make the flower. Once done, press the seams flat using an iron.

Step 7:

Place the cotton below the fabric, then place the flower fabric on top with the right side down. Secure with pins. Using the petal pattern, draw the line of the seams of each petal. Sew the 3 layers of fabric together following the drawn line. Once done, cut the excess fabric, then cut a small v shape on each corner of the petals. Pull the right side out and make a top stitch for the petals.

Flower Fabric Coaster From Fabric Scraps DIY
Image by: Thuy craft


Step 8:

Place the round sewn fabric in the middle and stitch the hidden seam inside.


Flower fabric Coaster From Fabric Scraps

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