Floating Witch Hats DIY

Floating Witch Hats DIY | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by scarrie_halloween via TikTok


Are you excited for Halloween? Me too! I already saved tons of recipes on my phone and decorated my house with different decor pieces. The only part of my home that’s not been decorated is my front porch. I was looking for an easy-to-make Halloween decor that would still impress my neighbors or guests and found these floating witch hats. Of course, I went to the store right away to get the materials that I needed. Isn’t this DIY project brilliant? I can’t wait to make them this week! Keep on reading to learn the instructions.




TikToker scarrie_halloween shared how she turned a plain witch hat into a gorgeous hanging Halloween decor for your front porch. The video received tons of views, likes, and comments from users. Many commented how they loved the idea, and we sure do too! It’s very simple yet eye-catching.

How to Make Floating Witch Hats DIY

Scarrie started by gathering all the materials she needed – witch hats, battery-operated candles, a fish line, a needle, and scissors. She used the remote-operated ones so she could set the duration of the candles.

She tightly tied a long strand of fish line around the candle, then looped the fish line to the top so she could hang them just like in the photo below. After that, she taped the line in place.

Floating Witch Hats DIY Project
Image by scarrie_halloween via TikTok


Next, she inserted the other end of the fish line into the needle, threaded it through the point of the witch’s hat, and pulled it through. Scarrie then created a knot in the inside line to keep the candle at the height that she wanted and to keep it from pulling through the witch’s hat further.

Floating Witch Hats DIY Halloween
Image by scarrie_halloween via TikTok


That’s it – you are done. All you need to do is hang it and turn the light on. How easy is it to make this Halloween decor?




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