Fix Your Broken Zipper in 5 Minutes

Fix Your Broken Zipper in 5 Minutes | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Simple Ideas via Youtube


I have a favorite jacket that I have been using for the longest time, but I accidentally destroyed its box pin recently when I went on a trip. I was devastated, so I looked for tutorials online and found this tutorial by Simple Ideas on youtube. It was exactly what I was looking for because I just didn’t want to make a temporary solution. This technique definitely worked like magic! If you want to learn how to fix your broken zipper in 5 minutes, watch the video below.



  • blade
  • scissors
  • tape
  • ordinary superglue
  • glue activator spray
  • baking soda
  • pencil
  • sandpaper
  • paper
  • pliers


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Step 1:

Cut a small rectangle of tape and glue it on the bottom beside the box pin. Next, stick another one just above the box pin and connect both using another tape to secure.

Step 2:

Remove the lead of the pencil using pliers. Get a piece of paper and place it on your work surface. Scratch the lead on the sandpaper to form it into dust. Next, add baking almost the same amount of baking soda and mix them.

Fix Your Broken Zipper in 5 Minutes Tutorial
Image by Simple Ideas via Youtube


Step 3:

Get your taped zipper. Pour a little bit of super glue and scatter it to the open part on the corner using a stick or pointy object. While it’s wet, dust a little bit of the powder, then add a drop of superglue again. Do the same on the backside, then spray the activator.

Fix Your Broken Zipper in 5 Minutes DIY
Image by Simple Ideas via Youtube


Step 4:

Clean the end using sandpaper and form it like a box pin. Once completely dry, you can now use the zipper just like before.


Got some problems fixing your house or things you always use? Visit and follow Simple Ideas on Youtube. They got tons of videos that are super helpful and innovative too. They show how to make the work easier, faster, and more efficient. 

Fix Your Broken Zipper in 5 Minutes

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