Learn How to Make and Decorate DIY Crosses Made From Old Fence Wood

Learn How to Make and Decorate DIY Crosses Made From Old Fence Wood | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I collect crosses and have a wall full of them and when I happened upon this tutorial I was taken by what this lady does with this old fence wood.

I know not everybody is into collecting crosses like I am, but the majority of us love the cross and the meaning behind it.


Reusing old wood for some great DIY projects-  it doesn’t get any better than that to those of us that love to reuse stuff that is otherwise destined for the garbage. I love collecting crosses, so making some for my home really appealed to me. What a nice way to welcome guests into my home, I thought!

I grabbed some old cedar fence pickets from a pile my dad had stashed away in his backyard.  Honestly, most of them were in really bad shape, but I pulled a couple out that were still salvageable to be reused. This one is quick and easy I promise. Oh, and did I mention that it’s cheap?

You can just let your imagination go wild when decorating these crosses, just like MiMi does in her tutorial attached below.

I love the way she decorated these crosses, and the cute and colorful metal items she attached to them, after she painted them. They look so artsy and fun hanging on her fence in her backyard, too.

What a great idea for adding some color to a place you spend so much time. I mean, who says you can’t add a little decor in your backyard?

Watch how MiMi makes these great crosses in her step-by-step tutorial and don’t throw away all that fence wood…save some for some great DIY projects as she did!

DIY Wooden Cross


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