She Wraps Fabric Around Cord While Sewing It Together And What She Makes Is So Awesome (Watch!)

She Wraps Fabric Around Cord While Sewing It Together And What She Makes Is So Awesome (Watch!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Mind, blown. I guess I always thought you’d need an industrial sewing machine to do such a thing. Gosh, there are so many wonderful fabrics to make these with and each one will have a different personality. I made mine with a lot of turquoise fabric strips, navy’s and some corals. Talk about rich looking…I absolutely love it!


I had always wondered how these rope baskets were made and I was a little shocked to see how easy they are to make. I think the hardest part of the project is holding the first coil in place; the rest is easy. Think about it…we can make rope baskets any size we want!

Talk about a great gift for someone… then telling them you made it and getting to see the surprise on their face is worth so much! That’s my favorite part of giving one of these away! And, if you need to make a little extra money, I saw one of these on Etsy for $85…nothing to sneeze at, right?

These fabric scrap bowls were a quick project I started making with the intention of using up some of my fabric scraps and some cording rope I was given. I really enjoyed choosing the coordinating fabric strips, and I found the repetitive wrapping and sewing motion a relaxing afternoon project.

There are scrappy fabric bowl tutorials all over Pinterest, so I won’t go into great detail about how to make them. I’ve attached a great tutorial to check out at the bottom of this post and Vanessa with Crafty Gemini takes you step by step through how to do this great DIY project! I hope you enjoy making these as much as I have!



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