Easy Scrunchie Belt Tutorial

Easy Scrunchie Belt Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Red Blossom Designs


Stretchy belts make any outfit look better. It grips the waist and doesn’t restrict any movement. It also doesn’t weigh a lot which makes it light on the body when worn. With that being said, here is an easy scrunchie belt tutorial by Red Blossom Designs on Youtube. Choose a fabric that makes a statement. You can select those with bright colors or beautiful patterns. But if you want something that looks classy and goes with any outfit, you should choose neutral-colored fabrics with fewer to no patterns. Or you can use your fabric scraps. This is a beginner-friendly sewing project. Anyone can easily make this lovely piece at home if you have the materials.



  • 1.2 inches wide elastic
  • 3.15 in by 98 in cloth (you can join the fabric together)
  • bodkin tweezer
  • pair of scissors


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Step 1:

Measure your waist using the elastic and cut to that length.

Step 2:

Fold the cloth in half lengthwise with the back side out, then press using an iron. Measure o.6 inches from one end and mark using a pencil or chalk. Then open and fold until the mark. Once done, fold it again in half and press.

Step 3:

Get the elastic and align it on the end corner of the cloth. Mark the upper edge of the elastic on the cloth from one end to another. Once done, sew the line. Pull the right side out using a bodkin tweezer.

Easy Scrunchie Belt Tutorial Steps
Image by: Red Blossom Designs


Step 4:

Fold the ends inward and place the elastic inside the sewn cloth using the bodkin tweezer. Then pull the elastic on one end. Measure 0.6 inches and mark. Place the other end of the elastic on top of the other with the end on the line. Use a pin to secure, then sew together.

Easy Scrunchie Belt Tutorial DIY
Image by: Red Blossom Designs


Step 5:

Pull out the cloth to cover all of the elastic. Fold one end in half and insert it into the other end of the cloth. Straighten it out and sew. Fix the belt by pulling the fabric.


Easy Scrunchie Belt Tutorial

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