Easy No Sew DIY Pleated Lamp Shade

Easy No Sew DIY Pleated Lamp Shade | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by: Eunice at home


Pleated lampshades can be really expensive. They can go up to hundreds of dollars in some stores. But don’t worry, you can get the same look at a cheaper price. Here’s an easy no sew DIY pleated lamp shade tutorial by Eunice at home on Youtube. It’s super easy to make and will save you tons of money. The outcome definitely looked amazing and luxurious. If you also want to try this lovely home decor craft project read on or watch the video below.



  • empire lampshade
  • fabric glue
  • fabric stiffener
  • fabric scissors
  • thick fabric (canvas or fabric with texture)
  • hot glue gun
  • ruler




Step 1:

Measure the height of your lampshade then add 2 inches for allowance. Then cut the fabric at that measurement along the long side.

Step 2:

Flip your fabric with the wrong side facing up. Fold half an inch on both long sides then glue using fabric glue.

Step 3:

Cover your floor or work area. Lay the fabric down with the right side facing up. Spray a generous amount of stiffener to your fabric, about 3-4 sprays on every spot. Once done, blow dry it to semi-dry.

Step 4:

Start with a 1-inch fold on one side and continue until the other end. You will basically do an accordion fold. Hold the pleats tightly as you fold more. When you are almost done, use a book to support and hold them together. Sharpen the folds by pinching them on both sides. Put an object on both sides while it dries. Let it dry overnight.

Easy No Sew DIY Pleated Lamp Shade Materials
Image by: Eunice at home

Step 5:

Wrap the hot glue around your lampshade and glue the ends together. Glue the pleats into the lampshade by starting in half and then another half. Don’t forget to glue the bottom too. Make sure they have an even amount of pleats per section. Once done, place on the lamp shade and turn on the switch.


Easy No Sew DIY Pleated Lamp Shade

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