10 Useful Tips and Hacks Using Bread Tags

10 Useful Tips and Hacks Using Bread Tags | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

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If you purchase a lot of bread, then make sure to think twice before throwing away the tags or clip used to seal the bread bag, because it has a lot more uses than you think, and you can learn them with this video tutorial by Joy Home Remedies on YouTube. After reading the instructions down below and watching the video tutorial, you’ll surely never throw away a single bread tag anymore. I hope you find these tips and hacks as useful as I did!



  • Bread tags
  • Marking pen


#1: Label Cords

Having messy or tangled cords makes it difficult to figure out which cord goes to which device, but there is an easy and simple way to solve this problem using bread tags. All you have to do is to write down the name of the cord on each tag, then snap one onto each cord, and you’ll never confuse them anymore.


#2: Organize Keys

If you have an ever-growing pile of keys and you’re tired of digging through the whole mess to find the one that you need, then write down the name of the keys on each tag, and clip them on the tag of your keychain. This is a simple but super effective way to organize your keys.

#3: Seal Snacks

One of the obvious uses for bread tags is to seal bags for snacks, so the next time you open a bag of chips or any snack that comes in a bag, seal them using bread tags before storing them away. Simply gather the ends of the bag together, then snap on the tag, and put them in your storage.

Easy and Useful Bread Tag Tips and Hacks
Image credit: Joy Home Remedies via YouTube

#4: Label Wine Glasses

If you like hosting parties or get-togethers, then you know that wine glasses can be hard to track, so use bread tags to label them. You can color code or write on them, then stick the tags to the stem of each glass, and give these glasses to which guests have their names on the tag.

#5: Use as a Tape Tab

If you’re struggling to find the ends of a tape roll, then grab a bread tag, and slide it under the open end of the tape. This will create a starter area for you to easily find the end of the tape and peel it off without wasting any or having it fold over on itself.

Easy Kitchen Tips and Hacks Using Bread Tags
Image credit: Joy Home Remedies via YouTube

10 Useful Tips And Hacks Using Bread Tags

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10 Useful Tips and Hacks Using Bread Tags

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