Easy Guitar Applique Quilt Block Tutorial

Easy Guitar Applique Quilt Block Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: SewVeryEasy via YouTube


If you love music and quilting, then you’ll surely love this fun quilt block idea by SewVeryEasy on YouTube. Learn how to make a guitar applique quilt block for your next quilting project. It’s super easy to make and a fail-proof project that even beginners can try, it also can be done in a lot of ways, depending on which way you feel like going, and you can also use your fabric scraps if you want.



  • Strips of assorted colors or 2 contrasting solid color fabrics
  • Fusible web
  • Border fabric
  • Binding fabric
  • Background fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • Marking pen
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and a cutting mat
  • Iron, for pressing
  • Pattern (Click here to download the pattern)


Step 1

You can either piece together a bunch of 2-inch colorful strips or use solid colors for the background, then sew together 2 contrasting fabrics for the guitar, and trace the guitar pattern on the fusible web. Place the pattern on top of the wrong side of the fabric you pieced together making sure to match the midpoint of the guitar on the center seam of the pieced fabric, then give it a nice press to fuse the glue onto the wrong side, and cut out the guitar shape including the small circles.

Easy To Make Guitar Applique Quilt Block
Image credit: SewVeryEasy via YouTube


Step 2

Peel off the paper from the back of the guitar-shaped fabric, then place it on top of the background fabric you pieced together, and make sure that half of it is laying on top of the opposite fabric color. Now, place the 3 dots on either side of the guitar’s handle, then press them nicely to fuse them onto the background, and start sewing around the outside of the guitar shape. You can now use this block on your quilt and finish it however you want.

Beginner-Friendly Guitar Applique Quilt Block Tutorial
Image credit: SewVeryEasy via YouTube


*Thanks to SewVeryEasy via YouTube for all images used here. If you loved this quilt block idea, then you’ll surely love her other videos too, so give her channel a visit and subscribe!

Easy Guitar Applique Quilt Block Tutorial

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