Easy DIY Pallet Couch Tutorial

Easy DIY Pallet Couch Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: Mikey2hands via Youtube


Buying new items of furniture for your home could be quite expensive, especially those pretty-looking ones on IKEA or a local furniture shop. But worry no more; I’ve found the best couch tutorial on Youtube! This pallet couch from Mikey2hands used only pallets and some timbers to make this gorgeous couch perfect for your living room. Make one today by watching the video tutorial below.



  • 3 pcs. 47.25″ x 31.5″ pallets
  • 3 pcs. 47″ long x 1.5″ x 0.75″ wide timber
  • saw (or circular saw)
  • sandpaper
  • hammer
  • chisel (or screwdriver)
  • drill (with 35mm screws and some 60mm screws)
  • instant nails adhesive
  • nail plates
  • brown spray paint
  • deck stain


Step 1

Fill the gaps in the pallet using those three pieces of timber and secure them with screws. Sand it down. Next, join two pallets together. Put some instant nails adhesive to the other pallet (two end boards and in the middle) without the timber. Place the pallet with timber on top and line it up. (You can put some weight on top of it just to really join them together.) After this, get your saw and cut down the end without timber, leaving the middle.

Assembling the couch seat
Image credits: Mikey2hands via Youtube


Step 2

Now, do the same process on the backrest. Cut along the bottom line, and the same on the other side, then cut halfway through that middle. (See picture below.) Once you’re done cutting, hammer down that bottom and second board, then do it on the other side to detach the boards. (Don’t forget to pull the nails out.) Next, place the backrest through the gaps you cut through before. Drill a hole through both sides of the couch (where the backrest and the seat are aligned) and screw through into the backrest with a 60mm screw. This will secure the backrest in position. To finish this, you stain, color, or put a cushion on top of it. Really up to you how will you customize this to your liking.

Teaching the right cut to the pallet
Image credits: Mikey2hands via Youtube

Easy DIY Pallet Couch Tutorial

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