Easy DIY Dollar Tree Towel Rack Tutorial

Easy DIY Dollar Tree Towel Rack Tutorial | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credits: @lbkthegoat via TikTok


If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your bathroom, why not add a towel rack or upgrade your old one? I recommend you try this DIY towel rack from @lbkthegoat on TikTok. This easy and inexpensive DIY project is perfect for you, and the best part is all the materials are available at Dollar Tree. It’s a straightforward DIY that will surely add functionality to your bathroom. It’s one of my favorite DIYs in TikTok, and I shared this with all my friends already. What are you waiting for? Try this today! Watch the video tutorial below to learn the step by step instructions on how to make this.



  • racks (from Dollar Tree)
  • door hanger
  • cable ties
  • spray paint
  • scissors


TikTok user @lbkthegoat started off the DIY project by spray painting the racks and the towel hanger with black spray paint (you can absolutely choose any color you want), then let them dry off completely. Once the paint is entirely dried, she lays the racks upside down, and then attaches them together vertically with cable ties. After this, she cut off the extra cable ties so they were not sticking out, and then she proceeded to attach the towel hanger at one end.


Once satisfied, she then secured the towel rack with cable ties. Next, she bent the protruding metal forward and secured them with cable ties as well. Finally, she hung it in her bathroom and then placed the rolled towels.

How easy and quick this DIY project is? I also love the fact that it’s inexpensive yet will make your bathroom organized. Trust me, this little project will surely elevate the feel of your bathroom and will make it look clean and organized. Thank you so much @lbkthegoat for this fantastic DIY!

Easy DIY Dollar Tree Towel Rack Tutorial

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