Easy DIY Christmas Staircase Garland

Easy DIY Christmas Staircase Garland

Easy DIY Christmas Staircase Garland | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Christopher Hiedeman via YouTube


This DIY Christmas staircase garland by Christopher Hiedeman on YouTube is an easy staircase garland that is simple, yet cozy. I like the holly and ivy sprigs because it gives off an elegant look to the house. Plus, the velvet ribbons add a sophisticated look that dresses up the garland to look luxurious. I love how this is attached on the bottom instead of the top, however, you can make one go on the top and bottom. I think it’s interesting that he added ornaments on the side of the staircase because it adds a little sparkle and depth to the stairs. This Christmas staircase garland is practical and can catch your guest’s eyes.



  • Twine
  • Pine Garland (Two 9 – ft) – Hobby Lobby
  • String Lights – Menards
  • Crushed Velvet Ribbon – Hobby Lobby (Sewing Section)
  • Holly – Hobby Lobby (Christmas Florals)
  • Ivy – Michael’s – (Regular Florals)
  • Glittering Branches – Dollar Tree
  • Berry Branches – Dollar Tree
  • Gold Ornaments (Vintage Christmas Light Covers) – Antique Shop Fin


First, attach the plain garland to the side of the staircase with twine against the railings going up the stairs. Then, make bows out of the velvet ribbons for a small and subtle touch. Continue to watch Christopher Hiedeman tutorial on YouTube for full instructions and details.

How To Decorate A Staircase For Christmas - Christmas Decorating
Image by Christopher Hiedeman via YouTube


Next, hang a few ornaments in the railings of the stairs using fine thread. Tie it along the railing, and let it hang in between the two side railings going up.

How To Make a Staircase Garland - Easy Christmas Crafts
Image by Christopher Hiedeman via YouTube

Overall, you can buy any ornaments and Christmas decor you like to add to this staircase garland. This is a personalized craft project that can be inexpensive if you buy items that are not expensive. However, if you’re not on a budget, this will be a perfect project for you.

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