In Just A Few Hours, You Can Turn An Old Dresser Into Your Living Room’ Star Attraction

In Just A Few Hours, You Can Turn An Old Dresser Into Your Living Room’ Star Attraction | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

I love designer furniture. Ask my husband and he can assure you I spend plenty of time talking about what I’d love to have in our house but can’t afford. Our mailbox is always full of catalogs from all of the stores I dream of getting to buy from. However, with two kids in college, I simply don’t get to buy all those pretties right now. This does not stop me from getting inspiration for my DIY endeavors, though. Designer knockoffs are just that, cheap home decor ideas inspired by top-selling designer brands.


Rather than come up with all of my own ideas, though, sometimes I hit Youtube for inspiration, too. This crafty furniture makeover caught my eye last week and I decided to try it out after seeing how great hers turned out. Rather than get rid of the old dresser she didn’t use any more, she came up with a brilliant idea for giving an old piece of furniture a new purpose and life!

I think of all the times I’ve gotten rid of things and all of the great DIY projects I’ve seen since then, that I could have used them for…I could kick myself!

The good news is that I hadn’t gotten rid of the dresser that has served its purpose in my kid’s room. I got really excited about this project for giving at least part of the old dresser a new purpose! This is such a cool project and definitely something I can still use in my home.

My neighbor loved the idea so much that we decided to do this together and I let her use one of the drawers from the dresser. It’s always more fun to do a project with a friend.

I found some great looking fabric to use to convert a drawer from the dresser into a cool looking ottoman for my den. Sometimes just a special pop of color is all you need to make a difference in a room. I just love it!

Watch how the Hallmark Channel does this in their step by step tutorial so you can do this clever project too!




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