How to Make a DIY Yarn Dog

How to Make a  DIY Yarn Dog | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image credit: NataliDoma DIY on Youtube


Do you feel like your desk is lacking something? Try this easy best yarn dog tutorial given to us by NataliDoma DIY. It is guaranteed to lift your mood in times when work becomes frustrating. Or maybe you can also use them as conversation starters when you have guest in your work cubicle. Whichever way it can be used for, these yarn dogs are definitely cute to look at.



  • Toilet roll sleeve 
  • Brown yarn
  • Red yarn 
  • Scissors
  • The hot glue gun
  • Glue stick
  • Comb 
  • 3 black beats.
  • Ribbon 


Prepare all of your materials.

Hold your cardboard tube like a cup and place the end of the yarn underneath your thumb. Then, wrap the yarn around the tube, staring upwards and around the tube in a crisscross motion until you cover the whole tube. Cut the end and glue it with hot glue. Secure the yarn to cover the tube and put it aside.

materials for making yarn dogs
Image credit: NataliDoma DIY on Youtube

Take your yarn and wrap it around your four fingers to make a thick bundle, then cut the excess. Cut a short length of yarn and tie it securely around the bundled yarn. With another short length of yarn, wrap it around the center of the bundled yarn. Repeat the process until you make 3 thick bundles. Repeat another 2 but in thinner sizes.

For all 5 bundles, cut and trim all the other ends, forming the dog fur. Attach with glue 1 big bundle at the bottom end of the tube to make the dogs’ tail. Place the 2 thinner-sized bundles together on the other side with glue. Make sure the fur parts face downwards! Trim them to form the paws.

Glue the remaining two big bundles diagonally on each side of the paws.

steps for making a yarn dog
Image credit: NatliDoma DIY on Youtube

You’re halfway there! With your yarn, it’s time to measure its cute and furry head. Do the same process of making a giant bundle of yarn. But this time, cut both the furry ends. Put a good amount of hot glue blob on top of the tube. Place the center of the bundle on it. Trim and groom the ends of the fur. To secure the fur, glue it behind them.

Make another bundle, but this time, tie two yarns like candy. Cut both ends and fluff them using a comb.  Glue and attach it to the top of the tube. Make a smaller bundle with one tie around the center and cut both ends to make a pom-pom yarn. Then, glue and attach it to the top center of the tube.  Trim to groom the fur hairs of your yarn dog. Use your red yarn and make a tiny knot bundle for its bell collar.

Almost done! Glue on the beads to form the dog’s eyes and nose. Wrap it around its neck to make the collar and the bow with your ribbon. Secure it with glue and viola! You now own a cute and fluffy dog.

How to Make a DIY Yarn Dog

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