DIY Work Desk For Under $75

DIY Work Desk For Under $75 | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

Image by Green Life Light via YouTube


With the whole pandemic going on in 2020, so many things have changed with being out in public. Life, in general, has forced us to stay at home more, because of COVID cases. This led to more people having to stay inside or either working and studying from home too. So with that, building your own desk is convenient during these times. This work desk tutorial by Green Light Life gives a step by step guide on how to build this custom all-wood desk for computers, studying and more. Plus, the price of this work desk is cheaper than most desks that are being sold in stores. I know the desk I bought was ways over my budget, even though it was plain and simple. I wish I came across this tutorial before buying my desk because it would’ve saved me hundreds of dollars.



  • circular saw or any type of saw
  • drill
  • sandpaper
  • pocket hole jig
  • 3 wooden boards (2 x 10)
  • tape measure
  • pre-stain
  • wood stain
  • foam brush
  • wood glue


First, cut off the ends of the board so there’s a straight edge. Use a tape measure to measure out 60″ and use your saw to cut off the wood.

Build A Work Desk - Work Desk From Scratch - Home Depot Wood Projects
Image by Green Life Light via YouTube

Next, continue to watch Green Light Life’s tutorial on YouTube for the full instructions and step by step guide on to build a work desk.

Glue The Wood Pieces To Stick - Wooden Desk - Simple Woodworking
Image by Green Life Light via YouTube

Overall, this is a customizable desk that is affordable. I know it took me so long to find the desk that I truly wanted, and I’m picky. I wanted something very simple, and I wanted to make my own desk but didn’t know how to. Also, I love simple desks because I have a minimalist style. I think bulky desks take up a lot of space too.

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