Watch What Happens When She Wraps Copper Wire To A Vase (Chic!)

Watch What Happens When She Wraps Copper Wire To A Vase (Chic!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas

If you’re looking for something simple, yet striking, to put those beautiful flowers in, this is it! This will only take you minutes to make, but makes a big statement. It has a modern day appeal and would probably cost a lot if you were to purchase it in a retail establishment.


Frequently, I take flowers to people and I’m always wanting to do something special to the vases, such as adding ribbons or jute, but now that I discovered this DIY, this is what I will be doing from now on.

When I take flowers to my friends and family, they think this is the coolest and keep their vases to reuse!

I saw a vase, on Pinterest, that Pier 1 has and they had used a silver wire and covered the whole bottle shaped vase. It was pretty, but I love the simplicity of the one featured in this post.

Wrap gold or copper wire around water pitchers, wine decanters, or even vases to add a metallic pop to your table. While you’ll need to use a bit of muscle for this DIY, it’s so worth it once you see how these plain glass vessels look after a modern makeover.

Watch how Mr. Kate does this fabulous vase in her step by step tutorial!

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