Coolest Technique For Weathering And Transferring Images To Wood! (WATCH!)

Coolest Technique For Weathering And Transferring Images To Wood! (WATCH!) | DIY Joy Projects and Crafts Ideas


Today I’m going to share with you how to weather wood for when you want new wood to look old! I’m not going to lie, there are a few steps involved, but it’s easy (if I can do it so can you!) and TOTALLY worth the final product, I promise. Then on top of learning how to do this, Debi, with Debi’s Design Diary, shows you how to transfer images to the wood after you weather it!


Weathered Wood is so beautiful! Be the envy of everyone with this realistic finish on your wood furnishings, ceilings, floors, and more.

As many of you may know, BARN WOOD, is all the rage in home decorating. If you’ve ever priced it out, let me tell you it isn’t cheap. I had a friend looking for a large barn wood backdrop to display pictures for her daughter’s graduation party. When she priced out barn wood, it was way out of her price range. I told her I would be happy to create a “mix” that will look like barn wood for her daughter’s party. This is such an amazing technique and you’d never know the difference between the real McCoy and this!

I was so fascinated the way Debi poured rocks on this new wood and jumped on them to give the wood a beat up and aged look! Then, I would have never dreamed of her paint technique to get this old wood effect…simply amazing!

When I made one of these I got so excited when I started seeing the results! I’ve always loved old barn looking wood with messages on them, but I thought you’d have to paint the words on there! I never thought it was a transfer!

Watch how crafty Debi, with Debi’s Design Diary, is in her step by step tutorial!

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